It was a story that was supposed to end there, but there was one thing missing: an answer to whether or not a team could move into a new arena.

That question has now been answered.

The Kings and NHLPA announced on Thursday that they have entered into an agreement to buy the Los Angeles Kings, with the NHLPA’s President Donald Fehr to become their new owners.

“This is a historic day for the NHL, for Kings fans and for our league,” Fehr said in a statement.

“I am confident that we can continue to build a great organization in Los Angeles, and this is an exciting time for our fans and team.”

The Kings announced the move on Friday, and Fehr will become the team’s CEO.

The announcement came just weeks after the NHL’s Board of Governors unanimously approved a 10-year franchise extension, and two weeks after NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said he’d be prepared to make a similar move in the wake of the Clippers’ move to Los Angeles.

Fehr, 49, has been an NHL executive for 13 years and a part-owner of the Kings since 2006.

He’s been an executive with the National Hockey League since 2004, and was a member of the league’s Board for five years.

The team has a record of 20-42-2 (.722) in the past three seasons.

The Los Angeles Times reported on Friday that the team has been under consideration for relocation for at least four years.

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