The top smartphones are no longer the only choices when it comes to buying a new smartphone, according to a survey conducted by a leading company.

The company, Which?

surveyed more than 100,000 smartphone owners from across the world and found that a wide range of smartphones are available, from top-of-the-range to budget models.

The survey, which was carried out for a global audience, found that the average smartphone sold for $500 and the average price of a smartphone is around $300.

In the US, which is the country with the highest number of smartphones, the average purchase price is $1,000, while in France it’s around $1-2,000.


also found that most consumers don’t want to buy a new phone because they think it will cost more than what they paid for their previous device.

“The average iPhone purchase is now more than three times as expensive as the average Samsung Galaxy S4 purchase,” the report said.

Which?, however, said that people are increasingly willing to pay a premium price for their smartphone.

“Most smartphone buyers are also more likely to consider their smartphone a second home device,” the company said.

While they are generally more open to paying a premium for their devices, they still prefer buying smartphones that are easy to carry, have built-in security and offer better storage and a longer battery life.”

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