Google is now introducing “Google Voice” for iOS devices, a feature that will allow users to communicate with their Google Voice contacts over the mobile app.

In the latest version of the Google Voice app, users will be able to create a Google Voice contact and get replies in their own language.

Google will also offer a “Google Play Music” and “Google Drive” app that will let users stream music from Google Play Music, as well as the “Google Camera” app for capturing photos and videos.

The feature will not be available in all countries at the moment, but it will be rolled out soon, and users will get to select which languages they want to use.

Google is working with Apple to ensure that users will have the option to use Google Voice for the entire day, and will be updating the app to offer this feature for a longer period of time.

The new features come after Google announced that it would be bringing its voice and text services to iOS in a separate update.

Users can check out the latest news, reviews and videos on the Google Assistant app, and we’ve also got a new app that we’ve recently launched called Google Assistant Plus.

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