The New York City Times is changing the way it uses its online user experience (UX) in an effort to make its digital journalism more relevant and engaging.

Starting this summer, the paper will be using a suite of new apps that will provide a more personalized experience for its users.

The New York Herald Tribune, which owns the Times, will be the first to offer a personalized experience that will allow users to narrow their search results to news articles from the paper.

They will be able to search for specific subjects by title, date, location and other metrics like number of followers or readers.

The Herald Tribune also will be making its app more accessible for users by allowing them to quickly scroll through stories and read the content.

In addition to the Herald Tribune app, the Times is also launching a new News app that will be available for Android devices.

The app will allow readers to browse the paper, search for stories and articles and find topics that interest them.

This is a significant shift for the Times.

For years, the digital newsroom has been stuck in a rut where its mobile apps didn’t offer a truly personalized experience.

The Times was also left behind in a digital space where only a small portion of its content is accessed through mobile devices.

In 2016, the New Yorker published more than 500,000 articles using mobile devices, while the Los Angeles Times only posted about 50,000.

This new experience will provide the Times with a fresh opportunity to change its online experience in a way that is more relevant, engaging and engaging for its readers.

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