The Jerusalem post reports that the mobile app, which enables users to search for email addresses and send emails, is still under development, with plans to launch in the coming weeks.

According to the post, the app has been downloaded nearly a million times.

“The app was originally intended for mobile devices but was also made available to desktop and laptop computers,” the post says.

“It has been designed to be used on computers and mobile devices, as well as tablets.

Its main purpose is to help users find emails and other content in a way that makes them more effective.”

The app allows users to access a variety of functions, including finding emails, managing mailboxes and sorting mail.

The app also features a “subscribe” function, where users can create an account and receive emails in a personalized manner.

However, the post does not detail the functionality of the app, only the functionality that it will offer.

It notes that the app is still in development, and that it has been working on a “better interface” for users.

“We are looking forward to releasing the app in the near future,” the company wrote in a blog post.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the project has received more than 5 million dollars in funding from Google.

It is currently undergoing a beta phase, with a beta version available to the public.

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