Posted November 25, 2018 11:24:00 Share Share this article: Share Share This article: Microsoft announced a new product this week that is part of the company’s effort to move from Windows to SharePoint.

The company is calling the new product “SharePoint 2015” and the first version of it is expected to ship by the end of 2018.

Microsoft will be rolling out this new product to existing SharePoint users starting with a free preview.

The new product is designed to make SharePoint more efficient and more responsive.

It will include features such as the ability to move items between SharePoint sites, as well as new features for using SharePoint as a server and sharing across the company.

Microsoft also announced that it is introducing a new version of ShareView for Office 365.

This new version will offer support for new features such the ability for SharePoint to connect to cloud storage.

The preview for this new version is available now.

It should be interesting to see what Microsoft adds to ShareView in the future.

Microsoft announced new features to Office 365, including a new Office Web Apps interface for Office.

This feature lets users preview the content on their favorite websites on a device.

Microsoft is also releasing a new app called Office365 Hub, which will let users manage Office 365 subscriptions and manage all their Office 365 resources.

This app will be part of Microsoft’s Office 365 Cloud Platform and will allow users to access the cloud and manage Office365 resources.

It’s a great idea to have a separate app for Office that allows users to manage the entire content of their Office applications.

The Office 365 Hub app will also be available for Office Mobile and Windows Phone.

Microsoft said it will be making more improvements to the SharePoint admin experience in the coming months.

For example, Sharepoint Server 2016 will come with new tools for admins to help them manage SharePoint servers more easily.

Microsoft has also said it is planning to bring the ShareView web application to Office 2016 and Office 365 2019.

Microsoft’s plans to roll out SharePoint 2015 and ShareView 2015 are not limited to Office, and the company is also rolling out other Office apps for Android and iOS devices.

SharePoint is a popular enterprise productivity platform that provides a unified interface for multiple Microsoft products.

Microsoft wants to make the SharePath experience even better and make it a bit easier for users to work with Office 365 and Office Web.

SharePath has been around for several years and Microsoft has made improvements to improve SharePoint’s productivity and make SharePath easier for new users.

SharePivot for Windows 8 and Office for Windows Phone 8 will also make it easier for people to manage SharePivots.

SharePlan for Windows 10 will make it even easier to share Office 365 documents with others.

Microsoft added a new SharePoint Server 2017 to the company�s portfolio of Office products.

This server is also available for Windows PCs.

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