Perth Airport is looking to hire a User Experience architect to help improve its user experience.

Key points:The WA Government is set to create a User experience architecture for Perth Airport (PA)The job is for two yearsThe Government will also pay for the architecture to be created by a local design company and is expected to be complete in the next two yearsWork is being done at Perth Airport to ensure the airport’s user experience remains relevant to the communityThe WA government is set in the coming months to create an architecture for the Perth Airport that will include an overview of the airport, the passenger experience and other elements that make it unique.

Key aspects to the new architecture include the ability to use different user experience elements for different aspects of the site, such as baggage handling, passenger accommodation and security.

The job description posted on WA’s Department of Transport and Main Roads website says the project will take between two and four years.

“This is the first time WA Government has ever commissioned a User interface Architect for an airport site, and is also the first airport to have its own User Interface Architect in the country,” the department said.

The new architecture will be based on the WA Government’s User Interface Architecture and User Experience Development guidelines.

The guidelines state that user interfaces should be responsive, have consistent user expectations and provide consistent interaction between users.

It also states that a new approach to design should be followed when designing the user experience that is used to support the airport.

“It should be possible for a person to look at the same page of the website, read the same information or be presented with the same interface options in a variety of ways,” the guidelines state.

“A user interface should be designed so that the user can access the website in a different way depending on the context they are using the website.”

It says an approach of multiple elements should be employed, rather than one element being the sole focus of the design.

“In designing user interfaces, consideration should be given to the usability of all elements and the overall design should reflect this,” the documents state.WA’s new Airport Infrastructure Plan says the airport will have two new terminals.

The first is the new Perth Airport Terminal 3, which will be located in the Perth Hills area, and will provide a “transport hub” for international flights.

The airport also plans to have a new international terminal at Parramatta, north of the Perth airport.

It is unclear how much of the new airport will be used for domestic flights, or how much will be spent on international services.

It will also be the first Australian airport to be redeveloped.

The WA Department of Transportation and Main Road says it expects to finalise the new Airport infrastructure plan in February.

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