Trump’s administration pushed back on a major data protection bill, passing it late Thursday night after hours of debate and public protests.

The bill, which would require internet service providers to collect and share user data, passed the Senate late Thursday evening with a vote of 53-47.

The House passed the bill in a 419-4 vote.

The Senate passed it with an 80-14 vote.

While Trump campaigned on a promise to crack down on internet privacy violations, he’s since reversed course on the issue.

Trump told the Senate last week that the legislation would protect Americans from “big data” — the collection of information on individuals.

But the bill does not require internet providers to keep such information, nor does it require internet services providers to create a data-sharing policy to help prevent data breaches.

The legislation has the backing of internet giants like Google and Facebook, and is being backed by President Donald Trump himself.

The Trump administration argues that it is protecting Americans from potential data breaches by requiring internet service companies to keep customer information private.

However, Trump has also argued that companies shouldn’t have to create any privacy protections at all.

This argument has also been used to justify data collection by other government agencies and other organizations.

The law is expected to be signed by Trump in the coming weeks.

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