The Super Bowl is on the air in just a few weeks and that means we can expect to see some of the best moments in sports coverage this season.

For one, we will have a look at the best performances from both teams as well as the best of the worst, as well a look ahead at the season to come.

Here’s a quick rundown of the key moments from Super Bowl Sunday.1.

Seahawks vs. Eagles: The Falcons take on the defending champs, and this is what happens when the Seahawks have a healthy Michael Bennett and Julio Jones.

Bennett makes his first NFL start, and the Falcons are playing without their best player.

In a game that will surely see a lot of turnover in the passing game, Jones gets the better of Bennett.

With two touchdowns, the Falcons pull away from a very tough Seahawks defense.2.

Cowboys vs. Bears: The Bears are playing a brand new offense with rookie QB Dak Prescott.

That’s no surprise as the Cowboys are facing their first real test of the season.

Prescott throws a beautiful dart to Dez Bryant for a 27-yard touchdown.

The Bears get their first touchdown of the game, but the Falcons go on to tie the game and go up 24-21.3.

Steelers vs. Packers: The Steelers have a very strong defense, and they are led by Aaron Rodgers.

Aaron Rodgers has thrown for nearly 4,000 yards in each of his first three games, but he has yet to throw a touchdown pass this season against a Packers defense that is playing better than they have in years.

Aaron throws a touchdown to Martavis Bryant and the Steelers win 26-23.4.

Rams vs. Chargers: With the Chargers going up 31-20 in the fourth quarter, the Rams try to hang on to the lead.

They take advantage of a great opportunity for Jared Goff to make a huge play on the Chargers first field goal of the day.

The Rams score the next touchdown on the next drive to win 31-23 and clinch the NFC West.5.

Eagles vs. Vikings: The Eagles are playing their second game in two days, and for a reason.

In the first half, the Eagles offense is outplayed by the Vikings offense.

The Eagles lead 31-10 at halftime and the Vikings come out firing.

After an incomplete pass, a punt return and a two-point conversion, the Vikings go on a three-and-out and get a second field goal.

The Vikings go down 27-24.6.

Lions vs. Seahawks: This is where things start to get interesting.

The Lions offense is starting to get off to a slow start, but in the second half they are able to score a touchdown.

On the ensuing drive, the Lions score a fourth touchdown and go on an incredible drive to take a 17-0 lead.

The Seahawks, meanwhile, have not scored a touchdown all year.

On a night where there are plenty of turnovers and poor passing from the Lions, they come out throwing and the Lions come away with a 23-16 win.7.

Cardinals vs. Ravens: The Cardinals offense is not exactly dominant.

They go on offense and score a pair of touchdowns on their first drive, but then a touchdown is scored on the following drive.

The Cardinals then go on another drive that is pretty good, but ultimately comes back to a fumble.

On another drive, they score two touchdowns and go down 30-24 on a touchdown drive that puts them ahead by four.8.

Patriots vs. Dolphins: This game has been a disaster for the Patriots.

The Patriots offense has struggled on offense all year and has yet not scored more than 18 points.

On offense, Tom Brady has yet again struggled, completing just 17 of 40 passes for 243 yards with two interceptions.

The Dolphins offense is still pretty good though, and their defense is not allowing the Patriots to score more than 10 points a game.

On defense, Tom is sacked nine times, and Miami is still allowing 17.5 points per game.9.

Packers vs. Lions: The Packers offense has been on fire all year, and with the Packers offense scoring touchdowns all year long, they should be able to keep it up.

But Aaron Rodgers is struggling with the Lions defense, giving up an average of 17.3 points per contest.

The Packers defense is on fire though, allowing just 12 points per outing.

On Sunday, Rodgers gets his second touchdown pass of the year, but this is his third time with zero touchdowns.10.

Bengals vs. Broncos: After the Bengals were up 17-7 late in the third quarter, they put together another great drive.

A third down pass to T.J. Ward gave them the ball at the Bengals 30-yard line and they scored three quick touchdowns to tie it up and get the game back within one score.

On fourth down, the Bengals scored two more touchdowns to get themselves back

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