The next major tech trend may well be a mobile app.

At Mobile World Congress this week, Microsoft announced the first major release of a new version of its Xbox One app.

The app, called Xbox, will be coming to the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices in October.

While Xbox will be available on all these platforms, Microsoft will be using a new, Windows-specific app framework that lets it take advantage of all the new APIs.

For developers, Xbox is an important milestone.

For a lot of people, the mobile app experience is just beginning.

But, with the new platform and the new platforms, there’s also a lot to look forward to.

Here’s a look at the big things in Xbox that you might not know about: How to use the new Xbox app framework to build an app in a new platform.

Xbox for Android and iOS app framework.

This is the platform-specific platform that lets developers use the APIs in Xbox for the first time.

This lets developers get started quickly with an Android app.

There’s also support for iOS, but Microsoft hasn’t released any information about the platform yet.

The Xbox app for Android has a number of new features, including native video support for Google Cardboard, augmented reality support for Samsung Gear VR, and full support for Apple Pay.

The company says the app is built on a new Android platform called “Android L,” which is the new version Android N. There are a lot more changes in the new app than in the Xbox app.

For example, there are now a number more audio tracks in the app.

This makes it much easier for users to pick up audio content from multiple sources and then play back it on Xbox.

And you can now record video on Xbox for both Android and iPhone, which means you can use the same camera app on both phones.

There will be more apps on Xbox to support Microsoft’s new platform, too.

In the past, Microsoft has made a big effort to make Xbox for iOS and Android more usable for developers.

This year, Microsoft added some new features for developers to get Xbox up and running in their apps.

Microsoft also announced a new SDK for Android that will help developers create more advanced Xbox experiences.

Microsoft says that the Xbox SDK will help the Xbox App team deliver a better Xbox experience, such as new features like improved video playback and support for the new Universal Windows Platform (UWP) APIs.

Xbox Live Arcade gamepad controller.

This will be a controller that Xbox users can use to control Xbox’s gamepad and play the latest Xbox games on their phone.

The gamepad also supports gesture controls.

Microsoft said the controller is designed for players who are using the Xbox 360 controller or the Xbox One controller, but can use it with any Xbox gamepad.

Xbox One X gamepad, which supports the new UWP APIs.

This Xbox OneX gamepad is coming to Windows 10 PCs and Xbox One consoles, including the Xbox Play Anywhere bundle.

The controller also supports gestures, such to turn your face and gaze.

It supports gesture control on Xbox One and Xbox 360 games.

Xbox app will support games, music, and news apps.

The new Xbox apps will also support news and news stories.

This includes a number news apps, including news, news, and the app that hosts the Washington Post, which is now called The Washington Post.

The apps will be designed to work with news organizations, and they’ll work on a variety of platforms.

The latest news app, which will be called The Verge, is already available for Android devices.

The Verge is a news app that includes video, photos, and music.

Xbox will support news apps on Windows 10 and Xbox, including on Xbox devices running Windows 10 Pro.

The news apps will work across all Xbox devices.

Microsoft is also adding news apps for Apple and Google devices.

For users who prefer to use news apps in their phones, Microsoft says Xbox can already run the news apps with a phone app, but it can also run them on the Xbox with the Xbox Insider Program.

The Insider Program will allow users to get apps from Microsoft’s developer community.

This means that Xbox Insider members will be able to get a new Xbox for their devices and start using the new apps immediately.

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