By Business Insider/Ian Lee Tech startup AdBlocker, which helps people block annoying ads and tracking technologies, is launching an ad-funded, ad-supported plan with a $2.50 per month cost, according to the company’s website.

The $2 fee is a $0.50 monthly charge on top of the standard $1.00 fee charged by the company.

That’s right, AdBlockers ads are free.

The fee is charged to each customer at the end of each month.

AdBlock has raised $12.8 million in funding since launching in May.

Included in the plan is the AdBlock AdBlock Plus, which will provide ad blocking and other tools to people using the company for free.

That means that users can block ad services and trackers with AdBlock Pro and AdBlock Classic.

The other new features in the Adblock Plus plan are a new “Adblock Browser,” which provides a browser-based ad blocking extension, a new ad blocker widget and a new toolbar with additional features.

AdBlock Plus will cost $12 per month.

It will be available starting in August.

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