How to find the right device for your needs

I love the idea of an app store that lets you find, shop, and recommend the best devices.I think it’s a wonderful idea, and it’s exactly what we need to see in the mobile space.But, while the Apple App Store has made it easier to discover new products, it has not eliminated the need to spend hours searching for an […]

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What is Consulenza?

The consulenza outbreak has prompted new guidelines for developers and marketers who want to test out their users experience in new markets.But before you get started, it’s important to know the basics.What is Consuls’ first response?Consulenza is a coronavirus outbreak that’s spreading rapidly across Europe, and the European Union has declared an emergency.The virus is transmitted through the respiratory droplets […]

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How to get a better user experience, says Nandan Nilekani

Nandan Nepomuceno, founder of Udacity, has a new book out called User Experience: From Design to Delivery.He has a vision of how a software engineer can make a product that is easy to use and intuitive, that delivers on what it promises, and that delivers the results.But when I asked him how to get there, he said he had been […]

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