Which are the most important lessons from Cadillac’s user experience redesign?

Cadillac, the U.S. automaker, is changing its customer experience for the better.Its redesigned products and services are being marketed to people who have never seen them before, said John F. Gibbons, Cadillac’s senior vice president of marketing.That’s one reason the redesigned product portfolio has been so successful.But Gibbons said the redesign also is the result of a change in consumer […]

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Polygon: How the new Xbox is shaping up to be the best video game console ever

By now, most of you know that Microsoft’s next console will be called the Xbox One S. But as it turns out, Microsoft is also developing an Xbox One X. And as Microsoft’s head of Xbox Phil Spencer says in a recent interview, that means that the next-gen Xbox will have a bigger screen than the one that came before […]

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Why Apple’s iPhone 5S has some really great features

The iPhone 5s has a very good camera, great design, and a decent price.It’s a fantastic phone, but Apple still made a mistake with the design of the iPhone 5.We’ve seen plenty of phones that use a similar design, but they are often better quality, and it’s rare to find an iPhone 5 that’s a real winner.In fact, Apple may […]

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