How much is Google Pay worth to you?

A new Google Pay-powered web app that can take payments from friends and family members has been released, making it the first major payment processor to launch in the United States.The app, called TapPay, is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play.Its developer, TapPay co-founder and CEO, Eric Migicovsky, said it was an experiment in using a mobile […]

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You’ve Been Traded for a Role: The Role of a Customer in the User Experience Manager (UXM)

In my career, I’ve had a lot of UXM roles.When I was an employee of Adobe, we used to hire them for design.I remember the first one I had, a guy who was designing a website for a marketing company.He was a very good UXM.He had the ability to design and implement an entire site with little to no time […]

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How to answer the question about the NHS in Britain

The NHS is facing a growing backlash over its lack of transparency following a series of damning reviews into its performance.Theresa May’s government has repeatedly insisted that the NHS is doing a “thorough job” but many patients have expressed concern over its ability to respond to requests for information, such as whether a person has been diagnosed with cancer, or […]

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