Which is the best smartphone to buy?

The top smartphones are no longer the only choices when it comes to buying a new smartphone, according to a survey conducted by a leading company.The company, Which?surveyed more than 100,000 smartphone owners from across the world and found that a wide range of smartphones are available, from top-of-the-range to budget models.The survey, which was carried out for a global […]

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What will you do if you can’t find your email address?

The Jerusalem post reports that the mobile app, which enables users to search for email addresses and send emails, is still under development, with plans to launch in the coming weeks.According to the post, the app has been downloaded nearly a million times.“The app was originally intended for mobile devices but was also made available to desktop and laptop computers,” […]

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Why Apple is not just the best for the future of commerce, but the future to come

The most popular messaging app on the planet is moving to a more personal approach to user experience.The company is building a bot that can help users connect to their favorite brands and brands in real time and even answer questions.Read moreApple CEO Tim Cook has been working to create a more intuitive user experience for people using the app.Apple […]

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Airbnb’s User Experience Manager Will Come To Uber’s ‘Airbnb For iOS’

Airbnb’s user experience director will work on Apple’s new mobile app for its service.It comes as the company looks to gain traction in the crowded ride-sharing market, and with a new CEO in place, the company is seeking to bolster its user experience capabilities.The hiring of Ravi Karpathy, who joined Airbnb in May, comes as Uber has struggled to retain […]

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