IBM has filed a patent application for a new “zoom” user experience that would allow users to zoom out of a web page, view multiple items, and even take a selfie.

In a blog post published on Thursday, IBM said it is testing the application with a number of sites, including the popular social news website Reddit, and a number to a company called Digital Reality Labs, which offers a “zombie” version of Google Glass.IBM said the new zoom feature would allow a user to “imagine” and “visualize” what a website would look like if it were zoomed in.

It would not only show what content is available in the website, but also what other items are available.

Users would also be able to zoom in to the website and “snapshots” of the site, according to the IBM blog post.

The company said it has not yet shown a product for the technology to consumers.

“Users could also use the zooming feature to zoom into webpages and interact with the pages,” the company said.

“The zoom feature is designed to allow a site to be zoomed, zoomed out, zoom out again and again, and to allow users the ability to zoom anywhere on a page, with or without the need to be on a webpage.”

Google, Boschi, and others have all filed patents related to Google Glass and its user interface.

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