In this post, we’ll walk you through the steps to create a user experience that’s easy to use and easy to understand.


Create a user interface 2.

Select an element from the list of elements to be a menu 3.

Add an option to show/hide menu items 4.

Add options to customize an item’s appearance 5.

Create and edit menus for each item in your user interface 6.

Create or edit a menu that can be clicked to switch between items 7.

Add a menu to a page 8.

Add menu options to the bottom of the page 9.

Add or edit options to create or edit an action bar or a dropdown menu 10.

Add menus to a document 11.

Add more options to a menu, including an options menu 12.

Add additional options to your menu 13.

Change a menu’s appearance or content 14.

Adjust a menu item’s position 15.

Remove menu items from a menu 16.

Edit menu items in your menu 17.

Change an item in the menu 18.

Remove a menu from a page 19.

Create menu options for a menu 20.

Add and edit multiple menus in your menus 21.

Add multiple options to one menu 22.

Add new options to an existing menu 23.

Add your own menu options 24.

Edit an existing item in a menu 25.

Delete a menu or element from your menu 26.

Add to a drop-down menu 27.

Add the new option to a list item 28.

Change the color of a menu items items 29.

Add custom buttons to an item 30.

Create an item that is displayed in multiple ways 31.

Add drop-downs to the top of an item to create multiple ways to access the menu 32.

Add navigation to a single menu item 33.

Add buttons to the navigation bar to create two ways to navigate the menu 34.

Add actions to a section or menu item 35.

Add items to a container for more customization 36.

Add different types of menus to one section or section 37.

Add item icons to a box 38.

Add text to an element to add a menu entry 39.

Add some text to a parent element to make a menu text element 40.

Add images to an image for a custom user interface theme 41.

Add content to an article 42.

Add links to another article 43.

Add styles to an entry 44.

Add style to an edit bar 45.

Add styling to a custom icon 46.

Add iconography to an icon 47.

Add icons to the header 48.

Add media to an avatar 49.

Add image to a gallery 50.

Add video to a video player 51.

Add audio to an audio player 52.

Add music to an mp3 player 53.

Add subtitles to a subtitle file 54.

Add comments to a comment box 55.

Add background image to an object 56.

Add captions to a title 57.

Add padding to an empty area 58.

Add line breaks to a paragraph 59.

Add spacing to a block 60.

Add tabs to a tab bar 61.

Add scroll bars 62.

Add ellipses to paragraphs 63.

Add colons to paragraphs 64.

Add spaces to paragraphs 65.

Add semicolons to a table 66.

Add dots to a column 67.

Add parentheses to a cell 68.

Add periods to a period 69.

Add commas to a line 70.

Add arrows to a text box 71.

Add quotes to a quotation tag 72.

Add space to a space bar 73.

Add slashes to a semicolon 74.

Add hyphens to a number bracket 75.

Add other characters to a character string 76.

Add numbers to a range 77.

Add dates to a month 78.

Add minutes to a minute span 79.

Add days to a day span 80.

Add weeks to a week span 81.

Add months to a calendar 82.

Add years to a year span 83.

Add seasons to a time span 84.

Add leap years to leap years 85.

Add quarters to a fraction 86.

Add period to a quarter span 87.

Add emojis to a caption 88.

Add border colors to a border 89.

Add font sizes to a font 90.

Add link text to your blog 91.

Add hover text to images 92.

Add title text to hyperlinks 93.

Add color text to text 94.

Add caption text to captions 95.

Add header text to body text 96.

Add footer text to the footer 97.

Add heading text to title text 98.

Add body text to footer 99.

Add comment text to comments 100.

Add hyperlink text to navigation links 101.

Add paragraph to a body text 102.

Add block text to inline text 103.

Add table text to table content 104.

Add radio button to an input text 105.

Add slider to a slider 106.

Add arrow to an arrow text 107.

Add clickable label to a label 108.

Add search box to a search form 109.

Add label to an error text 110.

Add action to a button 111.

Add tooltip to a tooltip

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