There are a lot of new apps in the App Store this week, but none quite capture the imagination of the iPhone users who rely on it most than “DoorDoor” and “Tentacle,” two new apps from The App Factory that let you explore your home through the walls of a giant tent.

“DoorDog” and “[Tent]Ape” both offer a similar immersive experience in which you’re trapped inside a tent and your only chance to escape is by stepping on the door, but with a twist.

Tentacles are one of those things that you can easily imagine yourself standing inside in your living room, but “Doom” is a little more complex.

“Tent” lets you explore a room of your own design and then place a tent in it.

It’s essentially a way to put yourself in the shoes of someone who has spent a lot time inside a giant robot, or who is trapped in an elevator, or in a robot-filled room.

“You can walk through the room,” says the video description for the app, which has over 30,000 views on YouTube.

“You can play with different shapes, different materials.

You can play games.”

And there’s more to “Tetris” than just the simple Tetris grid, which you can see in action here.

It offers up the ability to build your own puzzles, and you can even set your own goals to get to the next level.

“We’re bringing a little bit of gaming into the game,” the developer says in the description.

“The game will give you the chance to play with other Tetris players and help them reach the final Tetris level.”

And while there’s no word on when “Totem” might arrive on the Apple store, it’s probably going to be sometime in the near future.

The video description notes that “Tetragon” is “a new Tetris game that brings a bit of Tetris into the living room.”

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