Wikipedia has been trying to improve the way it makes user experience decisions, but some users don’t seem to like the changes.

The site has been working on improving its user experience since 2011, and has now started to roll out several new features in the form of new user experience guidelines.

These guidelines are designed to make the site more accessible to more people, as well as to give users a better understanding of what the site is doing and what it’s trying to accomplish.

The new guidelines will include a new user interface, new ways of finding content, and a new dashboard that provides insight into the overall user experience.

The most visible of these changes are the guidelines for the new user design, which includes new fonts, new icons, and other improvements.

They also offer new options for people to share their experience on the site, such as creating a new page for their comment or rating.

User experience is the term Wikipedia uses to describe how the site makes its decisions about how to improve its user experiences.

User experiences vary greatly depending on the type of information a user has access to, and users can interact with the site through multiple different platforms.

One of the biggest concerns with improving the site’s user experience is that the site doesn’t always communicate its goals.

The guidelines include a set of guidelines about how it should communicate to its users, which are designed for people with different skill levels.

The goals include making the site easier to navigate, improve the content, improve search performance, and improve the usability of the site.

The user experience goals are not specific to Wikipedia, and are common to many user experience efforts on the web.

For example, the user experience goal for Google+ is to improve how users can find and interact with content on the service.

The goal for Facebook is to make sure that users can use the service in ways that are useful.

User-generated content on Wikipedia is very much an evolving concept.

A user can create a page about their favorite food, a page with a picture of their dog, or a page to organize all of their favorite articles on Wikipedia.

But in many cases, a user will not have the time to create a separate page for each of these user-generated pages, so they will have to use the site to share content.

The rules for user experience are designed in such a way that people who use the sites content will always have access to the same content.

To get a sense of the changes that are coming, we have put together this user experience guide.

The page lists the most recent changes made to the user interface guidelines, as of March 1, 2017.

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