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Read moreRead more”We’ve got a great product, we’ve got great customers, we have a great staff,” Mr Dutton said.

“But the thing that’s going to be most valuable is what we can do to keep the people coming back and we can get more people working here and we are able to get our employees back to work and be able to make this business more sustainable and more profitable.”

Mr Dutton has been involved in the banking sector since 2001 and has worked in all areas of the financial services industry.

Mr Dutherton said the decision to close the business came after the company was told the cost of operating the business was likely to be higher than anticipated.

He said the loss of the bank had not impacted the quality of the products and services that people had purchased from the bank.

“The one thing that we had to take into consideration was that we’ve had a great customer base, we’d had a good employee base, the business has been successful, the people we’ve worked with, that’s really been the focus for us,” he said.

Mr Gove said while the closure of the business would impact customers, it was not impacting the bank’s business.

“As a bank, we understand the importance of maintaining a good balance between its customers and the business that it operates in,” he told 7.30.

“We understand the impact that we are having on customers.

But as a banking business we have to manage that balance.”

Our customers are our customers and we need to be doing what we need for them.

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