You can change the look and feel of your Facebook interface for better UX in your app, but it may not always be easy.

For example, you may want to change the color of the hamburger menu and/or your status bar, but you may not want to do so in your Facebook mobile app.

This article helps you understand how to do that, and shows you how to change those settings so your mobile app can look more natural.


Check your app’s settings 2.

Open the Settings app 3.

Click on the Facebook icon in the top right corner of the screen 4.

Click the View tab 5.

Tap the Privacy tab 6.

Under the View settings, check the box next to the Privacy and Privacy Policy options.


In the next window, tap the View menu icon in front of your app icon to access the view settings.


Click and hold on the Menu icon on the bottom left corner of your screen.


Click in the center of your menu bar to navigate to the Settings menu.


At the top of the Settings screen, click on Privacy and Cookies.


Check the box to allow Facebook to track your browsing history and cookies.


When you’re done with the settings, tap OK.

If you’re unsure how to modify Facebook’s privacy settings, try the following tips: To see your Facebook Privacy settings, head to Settings > Privacy.

If the Privacy settings do not look the same as the settings shown here, try going to Settings and tapping Privacy again.

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