Librarians have found a way to boost their social media accounts with a free online MOOC. 

The course, titled Librarian: How to Raise Your Social Media Presence in the 21st Century, is being offered at a cost of $5.99 by MOOC company Udacity, which has also released a video of the course that goes into more detail about how to set up an account.

Udacity also offered an introductory course for the MOOC earlier this month.

Udemy launched a MOOC in August, the first to be offered in more than a year.

The course is taught by the former Vice President of Digital for the United States, Joe Biden, who has also recently made his mark as the president of Udacity. offers courses that are taught by experts, but Udacity says it has an even greater mix of experts, as well as the likes of the likes of Vice President Joe Biden. 

“It’s a new way for learners to explore the breadth of the breadth and depth of the field,” CEO and cofounder of Udac Academy, Jonathan Weisberg, told Business Insider.

“We wanted to make it as accessible as possible.” 

The MOOC covers topics such as how to learn to code, what it takes to start a business, and how to make your voice heard in a world of digital. 

It will be available for free to anyone with an account on Udacity’s website. also has a “learn more” section that offers tutorials on how to get started, as do, and

Udakademy, and all offer MOOCs, though the curriculum for each differs significantly, with offering more online classes and Udacity offering more online courses. 

For more on , visit the Udacads site. has an introductory MOOC for students that costs $5 per month, and charges $20 for an online course.

Udocademy has an MOOC called “The World’s First and Only” that is for $5 a month, though charges $60 for a course and $150 for a group class. 

Read more about MOOCing in The Hill. 

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