Google has launched a new tool to help users understand the user experience of their search results.

The Google Search experience tool, known as the user-experience chart, was launched on Wednesday by the company’s vice president for user experience, Joginder Singh.

The tool will be available to all users who have a Google Account and access the Google Search API, and will help users navigate the search results they see on the web.

Singh said the tool will help consumers “understand and take action on the user experiences” of the web and the internet, while also providing data about the search and ad results that they are seeing.

“The user experience chart is a great way for Google to get more insight into how people are using Google,” he said.

“As Google continues to develop and add new features to its search engine, the chart will help us better understand how our search engine is used by consumers.

It will also help us to improve the user interfaces we provide to users.”

Google is now one of the world’s largest search engines, and its search product has grown rapidly over the last five years, with the company expanding from just about a dozen users to more than one billion users worldwide.

It also offers search engine marketing and analytics tools, and has recently been expanding its efforts to reach advertisers.

The company said that the new chart will also assist consumers with more information about their search, and allow them to make more informed decisions about search.

“Google has a long history of creating and sharing the best user experience to consumers, so this chart will be a great first step in helping us provide users with more insight on how their search engine results are being used,” Singh said.

The new tool is available to users who are a member of Google’s Google+ Community, and users can sign up for the Google Account to access it.

The search and analytics company is working on expanding the chart to include more user data in the coming months.

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