Consulglia is a mobile app that uses data analytics to help restaurants improve their user experience.

The app allows restaurants to collect customer data from their customers to understand what kind of customers are most likely to be coming back, and then customize the experience accordingly.

For example, if a customer’s age is 20 and they’re visiting a restaurant for lunch, the app might show an animated cartoon of a smiling woman eating lunch.

If the customer is 65 and they visit the same restaurant for dinner, the restaurant might give a message to the user saying that they’re 65 years old and need to eat more healthily.

Consulglias goal is to make a restaurant’s experience “better, faster, and better every day.”

The app uses data from a variety of sources, including location, order bookings, reviews, photos, location-based apps, and more.

It’s currently available for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

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