Why am I on XodCast.com?

…so you’ve arrived here, finally! Glad, Welcome :)

You must be asking, why should I be on this site or why should I not read other opinions on same subject? Hmm. Genuinely, I too don’t know the answer of these questions few months ago but recently I realized I should share my learnings on topics that interest me and can help a student, a marketer or a researcher like me.

So, what should you expect here?

In simple words find the solution to problems that me or someone else had already solved. The posts would neither be lengthy nor it would be too formal. I would try to write in my natural language. Technical jargons will be explained in plain easy and simple English words. Additionally, I will be sharing quality content (Ebooks, Presentations, Guides etc) that I will create over the period of time.

So you must be thinking who I am? Humbly, I am a new age marketing professional cum practitioner that delights customers, solves their acute and micro-level problems which eventually helps businesses to earn profit to serve them further.

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Happy Marketing.
Over to you guys.