Apple and social media giant Facebook will collaborate to help designers create a user experience for Apple’s next smartwatch, according to an Apple executive who spoke to Forbes.

The team will help Apple’s engineers and designers design an app for the watch, according the executive, who asked not to be named.

The project will not be finished by the end of 2018, and will be completed by 2020, according his company’s statement.

Facebook’s new smartwatch project comes at a time when the social media company is looking to get more users engaged with its products.

Facebook will also be launching a redesigned news feed on Thursday, and on Monday it launched a new app called “Favorites” that allows users to share photos with friends.

The company has said it wants to get users to make more of their own posts, a goal it hopes will spur more engagement.

The company has already created a few apps for its smartwatch in the past, including a photo sharing app and a “favorites app,” both of which use social media tools to share images with friends on a timeline.

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