A new app, aptly dubbed ‘Find My Friends’, has found a new home on the App Store.

Launched today by developer Sisodiya, the app lets users search for friends based on their user experience and profile pictures, in order to find them and invite them to social media events.

The app can be used for groups of users, groups of friends, groups with similar interests and groups with different interests.

It can also search for users based on different profiles.

It’s a smart way of finding friends who might be a little too busy, or a bit too picky.

The app will also find friends in your proximity, by matching them up with people in your vicinity.

Users can search for groups and users based only on the profile picture, or they can search by users’ contact details.

If a user has recently been added to a group or friend group, it will also appear in their contacts, making it easy to find people you might otherwise miss.

The search feature is a little more sophisticated, however, with a feature called a “find friends in proximity” feature.

This means that if you’re not near the user, they’ll still be able to find you, even if you’ve moved away.

Users have been searching for the app, but it has not yet been updated to the newest version.

Sisodia’s team claims that it found over 5,000 users and counting, with over 80,000 profiles in the app.

While the app has a limited number of users and the ability to hide profiles from the search bar, the developers say they have found over 40,000 contacts in their database, of which only a small fraction are actually users.

This kind of data-driven, app-agnostic search will be useful for developers looking to improve their app or improve the user experience, Sisogiya says in its announcement.

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