Posted October 15, 2018 07:10:37Amazon is bringing its “SEO toolbox” to its customers to help them build better user experiences.

The company is releasing an SDK, called Amazon SEO ToolBox, that helps businesses develop better search and marketing experiences.

Amazon says it will support the tools through “major announcements, partnerships and releases.”

Amazon has built a vast suite of tools for business users, including a product that lets users search for keywords in the Amazon search results, a shopping cart that lets them order items with Amazon, and a tool that helps sellers manage their websites.

But the company has also made some notable strides in terms of its SEO tools, including the launch of the “Sealed Search” product, which lets users select and apply keywords to their website content.

Amazon has been experimenting with SEO tools for years.

The company launched a new SEO tool for its online video platform called YouTube SEO in 2017, and then started adding support for its own content marketing tools and search results in 2018.

In 2017, the company launched the “Search Engine Optimization” tool, which is designed to improve the speed and accuracy of search results.

In 2018, Amazon launched the SEO Toolbox.

“Our new SEO ToolBox enables companies to get the best results from their search engines,” said Adam Bensinger, chief marketing officer at Amazon, in a statement.

“This new tool will help businesses get the most value from their existing SEO tools.”

The tools, which are designed to be “as simple as possible” for businesses, will help companies find “what’s best for their users,” Bensener added.

“With this tool, we can make it even easier for users to find the content they’re looking for.”

According to Amazon, the tools “provide business owners with tools to better manage search engine rankings, and provide an easy way for them to search for the keywords that are most relevant to their business.”

The company has not released a release date for the tool, but the company said it will be released later this year.

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